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Happy Rakshabandhan
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History Of Raksha Bandhan – Story of Raksha Bandhan

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Hey folks!

First of All a very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2020!

Raksha Bandhan is a very good festival between brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated between brothers and sisters to show love and trust among the relationship. Brothers offer a gift to their sister like chocolate, Sweets. There are rumors about the Raksha Bandhan Day and Date 2020. So guys and girls as per the Indian Panchang Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on 3rd August 2020.

Rakhi has a very historic Festival celebrated in India. This Raksha Bandhan is mostly celebrated in North India but with years passing, Raksha Bandhan is getting popular across the country. So plan for the Raksha Bandhan and get gifts as per her requirements

So you want to know about the Story of Raksha Bandhan I will help you out. There are several stories related to the holy festival Raksha Bandhan.

There are a bunch of Stories of Raksha Bandhan We bring you all the Stories of Raksha Bandhan only for you. We must also know the historic relevance of all the events.

Happy Rakshabandhan
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History Of Raksha Bandhan – Story of Raksha Bandhan 

Whenever Rajput goes for a war their wifes put Kumkum on their foreheads along with the Thread on their hands. They put the thread with the expectation that they will win the battle.

Raksha Bandhan Story of Indra Dev

Once God Indra Dev was defeated in the battle of God vs Demons. Defeated Indra went to his guru to consult for the solution. Indra’s wife Shachi tied a holy knot on the wrist of Indra and holy mantras were chanted. The rakhi was tied on the right hand of Indra. With the grace of gods, Indra won the battle and the Raksha Bandhan Festival came into History.

Raksha Bandhan Story of Santoshi Ma

Lord Ganesh has two kids named Subh and Labh. Once the sister of Lord Ganesha visited him on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and completed the demand by creating Ma Santoshi.

Raksha Bandhan Story of Krishna and Draupadi

This incident of Nand Gopal and Draupadi is taken from Mahabharat. Once Lord Krishna got wounded on this wrist so Draupadi Immediately tore her sari to tie it around the wrist of Krishna. Krishna was touched by this event and declared Draupadi as his sister. Download Happy Rakshabandhan Images

Raksha Bandhan Story of Laxmi and Bali

This is stories are mostly known for the historic importance of Raksha Bandhan. Goddess Laxmi (also known as the goddess of wealth) tied rakhi to Bali. Bali which was king of demons completed 100 Yagya and demanded Heaven when God Indra came to know that he was angered. Indra ran to Lord Vishnu for the solution. Lord Vishnu got a solution.

He took the incarnation of a Brahmin. then went to Bali for bhiksha. Brahmin asked for three-foot land and Bali accepted it. Lord Vishnu Covered Heaven in the first foot, earth in the second, and Bali came into difficulty so he bows down into god feet and said to keep third feet on his head and thus Bali reached heaven. Share Happy Rakshabandhan Wishes, Quotes, and Wallpapers.

Lord Vishnu was pleased with this act and Bali said Lord Vishnu to stay in front of him always. Lord Vishnu became the doorman of King Bali. To solve this problem Goddess Laxmi tied a Rakhi on King Bali and took God Vishnu as the gift. That day was Purnima of Shravan Maas. That is why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan on Purnima of Shravan Maas.

There are also more stories of Raksha Bandhan I listed these stories because these are the most famous Ones.

One again

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2020

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