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Happy Independence Day Wishes
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Happy Independence Day India –The Freedom Struggle

The Independence Day in India is celebrated on the 15th of August every year, to mark the end of the British Rule over India. India celebrates this day on a grand scale, with parades, flag hoisting, and functions all over the country and celebrate Happy Independence Day.

This day is among the most important historical event in Indian History. On very this day, India got its independence from the rule of British rule. After more than 200 years of rule, finally, on this day, Britishers were agreed to free India. After a long struggle that India faced and fought, they got the fruit of their hard work and commitment towards the nation. Share Happy Independence Wishes.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India and he gave a very famous speech called ‘Tryst with destiny’. So many famous freedom fighters gave their lives in lieu of freeing their own country. Some of them like Rani Lakshmi bai, Bhagat Singh are few to be named.

It is a gazetted holiday and all public, as well as private workplaces, are closed on this day. Prime Minister of India unfurls the Indian flag accompanied by a national speech. Similar types of functions are organized in various parts of the country and chief minister of every state does the same thing as done by the Prime minister of India. In front of Prime minister of India, various children from different schools perform functions related to Independence Day.

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Importance of Happy Independence Day India

Independence Day is not merely an event or celebration or just a national holiday. It holds much greater meaning. It is a great day to commemorate the struggle for freedom made by men and women, who laid their lives so that the future generations could breathe and live in a country free from the shackles of foreign rule.

It is hard for us to even imagine a life of slavery, but what we need to do is be thankful to those who understood the need for freedom and worked to get it for us. But we seldom think about the sacrifices made by freedom fighters, some great ones and thousands of common men and women, whom no one knows, but who have been the true heroes for the struggle for our freedom. Download and Share Happy Independence Day Images, Wishes, Quotes, and Wallpapers.

Seeking True Independence

Though we have been able to become independent from foreign rule, the fact lies that we are a shattered nation from within. We may have progressed by leaps and bounds, but evils such as corruption, bribery, dowry deaths, harassment of females, religious and social inequalities are still plaguing India. Share On Whatsapp Status

And the biggest threat to our nation is terrorism, external as well as internal. The solution lies not in being the silent spectators, but in seeking true independence. Our efforts will be a promise for a golden future for the coming generations, who will be able to breathe in a country free from all social and communal evils. Happy Independence Day India Quotes 2020

On this Independence Day, let us all join hands, not only to celebrate as one nation but to eradicate all these evils from the root so that our country is able to relish the taste of true emancipation and freedom.

From now on, let us not remember 15TH August 2020 as a national holiday, but as a day to pay our homage to those who have brought this day in our lives, giving us the honor to live as the free citizens of a free country, which empowers us with fundamental rights.

Let us observe this day as the day to win for us freedom and independence against all evils such as corruption, caste system, religious differences, terrorism, dowry system, crimes against females, and social inequality. In this manner, we can really fulfill the dreams of those who have sacrificed their lives for an independent India.

Let us promise today to build the India of our dreams. Happy Independence Day 2020



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