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Happy Friendship Day 2020
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International Friendship Day

Since 2011 the United Nations recognizes July 30 as International Day of Friendship. July 30th has been faithfully celebrated as Friendship Day in the USA, UK  every year, and has also been adopted by several other countries.

The World Friendship Crusade has lobbied the United Nations for many years to recognize July 30th as World Friendship Day and finally on 27th July 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to designate July 30th as the International Friendship Day and to invite all Member States to observe the International Day of Friendship in accordance

When is Friendship day

The first Sunday of August every year is Friendship day is celebrated. In 2020 friendship day is observed on 2nd August. Started as a small event to wish and remember friends in America, friendship day is now turned into a grant festival which is celebrated all over the world.

The first Sunday in August every year is National Friendship Day.

The third Sunday in August every year is Women’s Friendship Day.

February is International Friendship Month.

The third week of May is Old Friends, New Friends Week

Friendship is not just a relation it is the bond of two hearts of similar thoughts and feelings. The history of friendship begins when men started to live as a society. Because of a social of a creature men love to make friends further this process of socialization.Download Friendship Day Images, Quotes, and Wallpapers.

Happy Friendship Day
Friendship Day Images
Happy Friendship Day 2020
Friendship Day Quotes
International Friendship Day
Happy Friendship Day Images
World Friendship Day
Friendship Day
Happy Friendship Day
Happy Friendship Day Quotes

Happy Friendship Day

A friend is the only person in one’s life to share all his feelings such as his happiness and his sorrows. There is nothing in the world that could not share with a friend. A good friend is the last refuge of everyone. Considering the important and valuable role of friends play in our life it was necessary to have a day dedicated to friends and their friendship. Share Friendship Day Gif, Pictures, Messages.

Since then the celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event and become popular in the world and almost all countries started to celebrate Friendship day. Because no one is there in the world without friends, the day became one of the most popular celebrations in the world.

Friendship Day Gifts and Greetings

Advancement in the field of communication has an important role to make this day this much popular. Internet reduces the distance between friends, wherever they are, to a mouse click away. Nowadays scraps take in charge of the place greeting cards. Social networking websites and chatting have become the main source of friendship and to exchange greetings.

Friendship band

Normally the Friendship Band is one of the most common but popular  Friendship Gift. Colorful and variety of friendship bands available in the market ahead of Friendship day. Showpieces are also good to gift. Different types of showpieces like glass, metals, wood, crystal showpieces are available. You can make your own pieces also. chocolates, Soft toys, Photo frames, photo albums, books  are also the best gift


Fresh Flowers are the best way to express love and care hence they make a wonderful gift for friends. Yellow roses are considered as the friendship day flower.


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